Just One Night

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Just One Night

Just One Night, #1

Just one night changed Kasie’s life forever. She’s a brilliant woman who doesn’t know who she is, not really. She’s engaged to an idea, not a man. She’s formed herself into what her parents and her fiancé want her to be, not even understanding what she’s done until she meets Robert. Robert is ruthless, assured, powerful. He’s described as an earthbound deity, and she’s attracted him. That’s heady stuff. Until she starts to understand who she is, and more importantly, who Robert is. Flawed, human and accountable, no matter what strings can be pulled to manipulate others. Kasie finds herself in a crisis of her own making and it’s also her responsibility to find a way out.

This book is written in Kasie’s point of view, and Robert is more abstract than real to me. We never get to hear his thoughts, his feelings, his motivation. We have to rely on Kasie figuring out what is driving him and what is drawing her to him. The book ended well but I felt there should have been more. The whole book is a journey of revelations for Kasie about herself, what she wants, who she is and the end felt too abrupt, too clean. Robert and Kasie were anything but tidy together.

This is actually three stories written by the author and released individually in electronic format. Each story had moral issues that it’s up to the reader to determine their tolerance. The overall theme though was Robert and Kasie’s undeniable attraction for one another and the lengths they are willing to go to be together. The sex is at times edgy, others distasteful and staged, and finally honest and loving. This is a provocative read that requires some cerebral effort on the reader’s part to enjoy.

Book Blurb for Just One Night

Kasie Fitzgerald knows who she’s supposed to be. Responsible. Reliable. Predictable. She’s an ambitious workaholic who is devoted to the sensible man she plans to marry. But one wild, impulsive night in Vegas is about to open her eyes to who she wants to be . . . .

Trying her sexy new dress and her luck at a blackjack table, Kasie meets him. Intense. Flirtatious. Dangerous. She accepts his invitation for a drink . . . and then to his hotel room. She doesn’t know his name. But she’ll never forget the sex. Hard. Thrilling. Explosive.

So when her mystery man later shows up at her office unexpectedly, she succumbs to his mastery, both in bed and in the boardroom. There’s no telling where the powerful, wealthy Robert Dade will lead her. But there’s also no resisting her desire . . . however far she’ll go under its spell. The only question is who she’ll be when the journey ends.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.00