Jed's Revenge

Trapped on the planet of her mother’s birth, Kate and her sister Erin are in dire circumstances. Kate has to lose her virginity, immediately, or be given to a sadistic prince who likes to torture virgins. Helped by a childhood friend of her mother, Kate must seduce a bound man in the Pagan dungeon. She tries and fails, but tries and succeeds the second time. And while she feels guilt over what she did she enjoys it. She’ll never see the man again, but he remains in her memories.

Jed, the man Kate essentially raped, is a Karn’alian Cyborg. Bound in the dungeon after his childhood sweetheart was murdered, he is injured and near death. When he is rescued he vows to kill the Pagan’s who tortured him, and extract revenge on the woman who took from him when he was helpless. An eye for an eye seems just, but after he steals Kate and takes pleasure from her, once is not enough. Talking himself into keeping her, he’s not sure when he stopped hating her. When he started to think of her as his alone. And when confronted with the ultimatum to leave her, he finds he can’t. Is Kate worth his life? Or is she his life?

This was a fabulous read. Kind of clichéd but written so well I didn’t mind. There were a few surprises and every encounter between Jed and Kate was erotic and sensual. The gradual evolution of their relationship was a joy to read, and Jed’s previous desire for revenge was transformed into an even stronger desire to keep the woman he loved. Kate fought Jed’s sinister plan, but embraced the sexuality they created together. Her spirit and determination served her well, and taught Jed how to truly love. Highly recommended.

Book Blurb for Jed's Revenge

Caught in a desperate situation, Kate McAllister has two choices—either lose her virginity ASAP, or be given to a sadistic monster who prizes innocence above all else. Deep in a Pagan dungeon, a tightly bound prisoner is the perfect man for her needs. Seducing a bound man is not high on her list of things to do, but she gets the job done…and finds unbelievable pleasure while she does it.

Little does she know that the events of that night will seal her fate forever…

Jed, a Karn'alian Cyborg warrior, was made to fight and kill. For years, he's searched for Kate, intent on seeking revenge. An eye for an eye. She took from him, now he will take pleasure from her. When he finds Kate, Jed takes her prisoner. But once is not enough. He wants—needs—more.

Revenge has never been so sweet…

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.75