In the Bare

Book 6 in the Bare Love series.

Living the job has its’ drawbacks. Detective Charlie Tate is burned out and ordered to spend the weekend relaxing. He heads to a cabin in the woods that belongs to a friend. It’s quiet and peaceful and he finds himself in the shower fantasizing about his dream woman, detective Miranda Duncan. But she would never want a guy like him.

Miranda has had it. Every time she gets near Charlie he moves away. What is wrong with her? Why doesn’t he like her? Determined to find out she heads up to the cabin he is staying at, determined to get an answer. And get her man once and for all.

When Charlie answers the door in a towel I knew this was going to get steamy. Both Charlie and Miranda were suffering from a lack of communication and a touch of insecurity. When the gauntlet, or towel, is thrown down they both get what they want, and more than they ever dreamed. Fun and hot, this quick read will satisfy any woman’s desire for an escape from reality.

Book Blurb for In the Bare

Length: Quickie
Reluctantly, Charlie Tate heads out to a cabin in the woods offered to him by close friend and fellow detective Gil Daniels for a few days of enforced leave. Some beers, a hot shower and a sexual fantasy featuring his dream girl, Detective Miranda Duncan. It could only be better if she were with him.
Determined to seduce Charlie, Miranda follows him to the secluded cabin. When he answers the door in nothing but a towel, the gloves come off—along with said towel! Before the weekend is over, she will love every inch of Charlie and convince him they belong together. Little does she know, he has the same plan.
Let the seduction begin…

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.00