Holed Up

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Holed Up

Mark Beecher overheard a conversation, well several conversations, he never should have. Seems the vent in his apartment was connected to another where terrorists were planning a strike. Like any good citizen he contacts the authorities. And his life as he knows it immediately ends.

Aaron Pearce is a Special Agent with the FBI. After being assigned what he calls babysitting duty watching over Mark Beecher, he gets more than he bargained for when minutes after meeting his charge he has to elude assassins. With no money, no one he can trust since there is a mole in the FBI, and being in a strange city, he follows Mark to an apartment Mark assures him will be vacant for the next week. All they have to do is hole up until the trial.

With nothing to do Mark and Pearce talk. They really get to know one another. Both men are gay and attracted to one another. In the past, neither had a relationship where they got to know their partner as a person before jumping into a physical relationship. Becoming friends just adds to the sexual tension, and when neither can resist any more their bed play has a whole new dimension that neither man has ever experienced. Safe and snug, they co-exist in a bubble of warmth and sensuality. Until they are found by the bad guys.

Pearce is shocked when the mole reveals himself and forces him to lead the assassins to Mark. He has a past with the mole, but fortunately he and Mark worked out a plan beforehand if something should go wrong. Now Pearce is in danger, Mark is on the run, and their roles have been reversed. Can Mark meet the challenge?

I wouldn’t call this a romance per se. Very intense and physical, Mark and Pearce are both men and act as such. But have no doubt they have feelings for one another, and show them. It was fun that Mark ended up being the savior instead of the Alpha Pearce as expected. A good read.

Book Blurb for Holed Up

Genre: LGBT Erotic Contemporary
Length: Novella

FBI Special Agent Aaron Pearce, tall, muscular, a lone wolf with an attitude, is assigned to protect Mark Beecher, a witness to the plans for a terrorist attack. The discovery of an unknown informant within the FBI's ranks, however, forces the two men to hole up in a loft apartment with only one another for company.

After long conversations and their shared attempt to unravel the puzzle of the terrorist group's next target, Pearce and Mark find they cannot deny their mutual attraction. Pearce gives in to his passion, sleeping with the man he's sworn to protect and going against his training as he risks heartbreak once again.

When the informant reveals himself to Pearce and takes him hostage, Mark finds he cannot run and leave Pearce to die. Instead, their roles have been reversed and now he is the only person who can save Special Agent Pearce.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse; male/male sexual practices.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.00