His Wild Desire

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His Wild Desire

The Motorcycle Clubs, #1

Calm down, they are not really related. What a ruckus! This was a very different take than I’m used to in a book and I must say, the controversy moved things right along, not to mention the motorcycle club and all its trappings.

Grant “Wrecker” and Chelsea are stepbrother and stepsister. Not half siblings, not whole siblings, no blood involved. Just her mother married his father. They weren’t raised together since they were in diapers, she was in her early teens and he in his late teens. Nothing to see here, move along.

I think Wrecker and Chelsea would have found each other eventually, even if their parents never met. They connect on all levels and just aren’t right or happy apart. Wrecker holds back in the beginning, but when he decides to live his life as he sees fit and not as others dictate, he’s all in. Very attractive. Chelsea has more exposure to the public and their obvious disapproval, but she perseveres. There is a background story that is highly intriguing and also keeps things moving.

The new MC genre is hot right now, and this series fits right in. This is the first book in the Death Lords series and I am seriously hooked. I liked the feeling of community that the MC has, as well as the loyalty and total trust among the members. They break laws and do what needs to be done, society be damned. I guess it fits that Wrecker and Chelsea’s relationship follows suit. Not to be missed.

Book Blurb for His Wild Desire

I'm not supposed to want him, but I do.

I'm not supposed to need him, but I can't stop.

I'm not supposed to love him, but my heart won't listen.

Most of all? I'm definitely, under no circumstances, supposed to sleep with him.

Grant "Wrecker" Harrison spent three years of his life locked away. He's out and he's tired of hiding. He wants everyone, even his father Judge President of the Death Lords MC, to know she's his.

Chelsea Weaver loves Grant even though she knows its wrong. She knew it was wrong when she gave him her virginity and she knows it's still wrong three years later...because Grant's her stepbrother and Judge is the only father she's ever known.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.50