His to Ruin

This had a tad bit of a twisted start to say the least. Sasha is the princess in the tower to the outside observer, but in reality she's in the prison her father keeps her in. As in, she hasn't been out of the apartment in years. Nikolai sees her as a pawn in his mission of revenge, until he realizes she's in danger from the one who should protect her at all costs.

My boring little life never looked better after reading this. Both Nikolai and Sasha have been exploited and abused by family, and both have twisted foundations to build their lives on. Fortunately, that makes them the ideal match for one another. The book moved along at a pleasant pace, had a few surprises I didn't see coming, and the evolution of Nikolai and Sasha's relationship from captive/jailer to lovers seemed organic. This was a short read but kept me reading to the end.

Book Blurb for His to Ruin

Sasha: My father, the head of the Petrovic family, locked me up in a thirty-floor glass tower with one hell of a view. He tells me it's for my own good, it's to keep me safe from his enemies. What he’s really done is clipped my wings and put me in a prison of his own making.

Nikolai: I break. I take. I’m no one’s prince and I exist to collect a debt long over due. Stealing my enemy’s most treasured possession is all I've ever dreamt of. But I can’t break what’s already been ruined. This broken princess has a way of getting under my skin and stirring life into a heart that’s already dead. She’s lethal but she’s also about to find out that once I set my sights on something, I never back down.

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Be Warned: anal sex

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.00