Convinced her virginity is a liability to be taken care of before college, Savannah propositions her best friend Thorn to take care of it for her. It’s just sex, right? Nothing will change between them.

Thorn would love to take care of Savannah’s virginity. But as a lover, not a tool. He’s loved her since he met her at age three. He wants to spend his life with her, marry her, create a family with her. But she just sees him as her best friend. He’s tried to make her jealous by dating, and unfortunately sleeping with, another girl. But that didn’t even phase her. How to get her attention as a man?

Like a switch being turned on, as soon as Thorn kisses her she seems him in a new light. Suddenly she’s a woman, and he is one hot man. Struggling with her new feelings, she’s uncertain and falters. But once he sees this as the opportunity he’s been waiting for Thorn pursues her with all he has in his arsenal. And he has plenty.

I loved this story. It was sweet and funny at times but also tense and awkward. Thorn’s seduction was sensual and expert (almost too expert?) and made my girly parts tingle. I enjoy an instant attraction story, but this was special because of all they’d shared through their lives and their excitement of what was to come. Highly recommended.

Reissued Review. Original review from 2/25/10. Book has been reissued.

Book Blurb for Firsts

The past year has been hell on Savannah. Not only did her boyfriend dump her on the side of the road—literally—but her best friend, Wes, decided to graduate early. The person he becomes in college is even more confusing, and no matter what she tells herself, she can’t get over the thought of another girl having a piece of him that she’ll never have.

Wes has been in love with Savannah since childhood. Trouble is, she’s never seen him as anything more than a friend, and he’s never been brave enough to push those boundaries. He views college as an opportunity to finally move on. However, their continued close relationship makes moving on difficult, especially since Savannah has no idea she broke his heart.

With her own graduation day approaching, Savannah decides she doesn’t want to be a virgin when she gets to college. Turning to Wes to solve this problem seems sensible. After all, she trusts him more than anyone. Only she isn’t prepared for what her request unleashes—either from him, or in herself.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50