Fighter Boy

The Club

I had really high hopes for this book as I so enjoyed the first. Ryan has a sort of sexual dysfunction in that he gets aroused by violence and has a string of women he uses after fights to appease himself. This wasn’t really a problem until he and his brother Trent found Lizzie and brought her home. Now Trent and Lizzie are a couple and Ryan finds himself craving what they have. He finds it in the new doctor for the fighters, Teddy.

Teddy needed to loosen up. That woman was strung so tight I thought she was going to break. Portrayed as a professional conflicted with how she handled her own problems; she should know better. I didn’t feel a lot of chemistry between Ryan and Teddy, and had a hard time accepting that Teddy caved in so quickly after her protestations, as well as hiding details that spelled DANGER at work. Bad Teddy.

I felt this book was not as free flowing as the first in the series and I missed that. While this book focused on my wish of more about Ryan, and I did enjoy reading about his devotion to Teddy after his man whore ways, it just didn’t satisfy as much as its predecessor.

Book Blurb for Fighter Boy

Ryan has never had any trouble getting sex, especially after a big fight.

When a new doctor is employed to look after the cage fighters, he rethinks his lifestyle. Unfortunately for him, Teddy hates the sport and is only working at the centre under pressure. The sexy tattooed man might make her girlie bits flutter but her head is telling her he is nothing but trouble. After her sister in law died at the hands of a fighter, she wants nothing to do with him. Once she finds out he is also rich and co-owns the Club, she digs her toes in even more.

Determined to win her over, Ryan tries to change her mind and it is when she is faced with her worst fear, that Teddy sees him for the man he really is.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 3.50