Entwined Fates

A kiss she could never forget has haunted her for a year. Lin Morlin, daughter to a galactic senator and a woman determined to live her own life, is attracted to Captain Anthony Carrington. While his sexiness draws her in, what she’s heard about him drives her away. He’s a bad man, if rumor can be believed.

Tony Carrington has had trouble getting Lin out of his mind since the night he tried to distract her with a kiss. He was the one who ended up being distracted. And he still is. He keeps an eye on the sexy Lin from a distance because he can’t compromise his mission. Determined to bring down slave traders with close ties to the Galactic Senate, he walks a fine line. But when Lin goes after her friend who has been taken by the traders, all bets are off when Lin’s father comes to him and his comrades with information about the slave traders, and to beg their help in finding his missing daughter.

Secrets within secrets. Lies upon lies. Oh what a twisted tale. With cameos by the Marcones, this continues to tell the story of the family and those that are close to them. With her usual style, the author spins her web of intrigue and mystery to fully engross the reader. The hot dominant male doesn’t hurt, either. While a Dom, Tony’s also sensitive and caring, and sweeps Lin into a world she never knew she craved and needed to feel the full potential her body is capable of. With the secondary story of Keegan and Toroc, I don’t know how she found space for an actual story in between bouts of hot and erotic sex, but she certainly did. As usual, a fabulous read from Trista Ann Michaels.

Book Blurb for Slaves

Lin Morlin, daughter to Galactic Senator Nicah Morlin, is headstrong and determined--anything but a submissive, but she goes undercover as a submissive in order to rescue her friend from slave traders. Her actions begin a chain reaction of ripples through the lives of everyone from traders all the way up to the Galactic Senate itself.

Captain Anthongy Carrigton is sent in by the Marcones to rescue Lin. Undercover as a Dom, he finds he wants to keep Lin as his slave forever when the independent woman learns she enjoys submission much more than she could ever have dreamed.

Unfortunately, the traders know exactly who Lin and her handsome hero are and why they’re there. Lin’s father will become the key to everything, and to survive, Lin must reevaluate not only who she is, but who she may become.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme and elements.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 4.50