Double Booked

Heat Level: eXcess 3

Reeling from her boyfriend’s betrayal, Blyth just wants to get away. Fortunately, her friend has a condo and in a blink she’s off to relax and forget. But when she arrives, the condo isn’t empty. It’s occupied by Anthony and his playmate, who are being quite loud in the bedroom. She gets caught looking, and doesn’t stop looking. Caught in the act, Blyth is mortified, but also turned on. Thinking it will just not be mentioned, that’s what most people would do, she’s shocked when Anthony not only calls her on it, but pursues her reaction. That’s sets the tone for their interactions.
Anthony gives the appearance of a man who is a player, rude to the extreme, and who likes to infuriate for fun. But that’s hiding something else. Attracted to him, but repelled at the same time, Blyth is at a loss as to how to handle him. Dealing with her own demons, she’s struggling on so many levels. When she finds Anthony is as well, they find a common ground that could lead to more.
Full of steamy interludes from the first page, Double Booked was a great read. A tease on the surface, Blyth and Anthony’s story proved to be so much more. Their interaction was tense with an edge of naughty that I thoroughly enjoyed. If you are looking for a steamy escape that offers a little more, you won’t be disappointed. 

Book Blurb for Double Booked

All Blyth wants is a nice relaxing getaway from her wreck of a life and ass of an ex. What she gets is a double booked condo with the playboy from Hell. First she walks in on him in the middle of very loud sex. Then she gets caught looking. And God help her, she’s turned on. Unfortunatley, he’s on to her and he calls her on it.
Anthony is rude, infuriating and definitely a player. Blyth knows she’s in for an anything but relaxing vacation if she’s going to have to share quarters with the likes of him. What Blyth isn’t counting on is being sucked into his vortex of sex or the fact that he seems to be able to push her past boundaries she didn’t even know she had. Somewhere in the midst of his parade of girls and huge ego is a real man. Who has real hurt. And the real part of him is calling to her. First with temptation, then with sex and then something more. She’s just not sure if she’s strong enough to answer.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 3.50