Devil Takes His Innocent

The Fall of the Four Horsemen, #1

If you think your parents are bad you should meet Gabby’s father. He treats her like garbage most of the time but then throws her under the bus to pay his debt. Fortunately for her, the man he owes isn’t really a man.

Devil was an instant dislike for me but he grew on me as the story progressed. He does all the alpha posturing and such but his emotions have left the building. And what does every woman want? Yep, an emotional connection to a man who claims she’s his mate.

First impressions and all, Devil was a loser with a capital “L”. I would hope he wouldn’t treat any woman the way he did Gabby, and the perfume excuse felt lame. Based on the apocalyptic description of Devil and his “brothers” I expected more on that front. The majority of the book focused on Gabby’s dysfunctional family and a story line that extends into the next book.

The story moved along nicely, the other brothers were introduced with hints of their futures, and Devil and Gabby took the long road to happily ever after. An entertaining read overall.

Book Blurb for Devil Takes His Innocent

Devil Torments is a vampire living in a world where one man’s weakness paves the way for another man’s gain. When a gambling addict offers his daughter as payment for his debt, Devil accepts. Sex without strings is exactly the way he likes it. Love is a concept for fools, the ultimate weakness. Little does he know, he’s about to meet his mate…

In order to protect her best friend, nurse Gabby Winters must bow to her abusive father’s demands and offer her innocence to a stranger. She never expected to feel anything, let alone find herself irrevocably tied to the man. But can Gabby learn to accept that Devil’s scars run deep, and the love she’s spent her life secretly yearning for is forever out of reach?

If Devil thought that keeping Gabby at arm’s length would keep either of them safe, he was dead wrong. When danger lands at Gabby’s feet, it’s up to Devil to pick up the pieces. Will he come to realize that love isn’t a weakness and Gabby is his greatest strength, before it’s too late? Or will he lose the most precious gift of all?

Be Warned: spanking

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 3.50