Deep Down

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Deep Down


This is the start of a new series by the author and while I expected Max's story, and this does feature the Bowen boys, it focuses on the offspring of the original grandma's. The story line wasn't epic or even fresh but the emotional ravaging of the main characters Mike and Kyra made it something special. They meet literally as children, grow up together, fall in love together and then proceed to shred one another when they hit the first road block in their relationship. Seven years later Kyra is back, successful in the career that tore her from Mike but also keeping her head low out of shame for the mess she found herself in as a destructive domino effect took over her life. Broke, a single mother, she returns to her hometown hoping to rebuild herself quietly. No such luck when the community seems determined to help her out, as well as get her and Mike back together.

Goodness but this was a steamy morsel. Mike had a few a**hole moments, I must admit, and his internal dialogue rarely gelled with his actions, but all in all he was a keeper. Usually women are drama queens over a breakup but he took it there and managed to stay macho. Go figure. Misunderstandings played a huge part in this seven year separation, as well as assumptions and jumping to conclusions. That's what makes it so much fun to read. As we unwind the tangled mess that is Mike and Kyra's past they begin to forge a future. The original grandma's made for delightful comic relief and repeatedly pointed out the inefficiency and danger of auto correct on cell phones. What more could you want?

Book Blurb for Deep Down

Mike Haddican, proud small-town gym owner and renowned karate instructor, is an all-around good guy. He's never needed much to be happy. Only his family, his friends, his girl. Especially his girl. So when that girl up and left him seven years ago to chase her dreams, she all but destroyed him.

Sure, contemporary dancer Kyra Brims made it big, but it cost her dearly. Now her life and career are in shambles. She doesn't need a do-over; she needs a friggin' miracle. Injured, broke, and out of options, she returns to Alden, the town she swore she'd never see again -- and home of Mike Haddican, the man who ripped her soul to pieces -- to lick her wounds and recover.

Forgetting and letting go proved impossible when they were worlds apart; now that they’re stuck together they don’t stand a chance, especially with Mike’s grandma and her partners in crime plotting, meddling and refusing to give up on them. But as the passion that never died burns out of control, so do old hurts and unresolved issues. They're going to have to dig deep down to find forgiveness and the wisdom to move on.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50