Copping a Feel

A standalone title in the Cougar Challenge series.

Darci-Rae’s phone is ringing at all times of day. And the strange things the men are saying on the other line are obscene, but also a little hot if you discount the ick factor. Pondering this mystery, which has her focused on sex, she accepts a challenge from her American friend to bag herself a younger man, thus becoming a Cougar. Not sure how to go about it, imagine her surprise when a yummy specimen jumps her on her own front porch. What would Darci’s snooty, oh-so-proper older sister think?

Detective Jarrod St. James has a personal vendetta against anyone who perpetuates identity theft. A victim himself once, he knows the damage it can inflict. So when he has a lead on a sex worker named Darci-Rae Whitlam, he’s on the case. After landing on the ground with Darci beneath him, and Darci’s pet bear, or is it a dog?, biting him, he decides to give her a chance to prove she’s the real deal. But after about five minutes, the chemistry between them is so explosive he doesn’t really care. After snooping about, he stumbles upon her challenge, and is more than willing to sacrifice himself to the cause.

If you can’t suspend common sense at the door, don’t bother reading this book. If you can, then you are in for a fun read. Instant attraction and the guts to act upon it make Jarrod and Darci perfect for one another, in more ways than one. I love a book that jumps right in, and this one certainly does. With misconceptions and misunderstandings quickly eradicated, and the age difference addressed, there are no boundaries keeping them apart. Jarrod is determined to help Darci beat the person who stole her identity. Could that include offering her the use of his last name? Very hot and steamy with some funny dialogue and situations thrown in for spice.

Book Blurb for Copping a Feel

Darci-Rae Whitlam doesn’t know which is more disturbing, receiving scads of obscene phone calls—or getting so turned-on by said phone calls. Then there’s the email from her American friend, Rachel, taunting Darci with something called a Cougar Challenge. Just the thought of seducing a younger man is enough to permanently soak her knickers. No wonder her ever-disapproving sister thinks she’s oversexed!

Cybercrime Detective Jarrod St. James is investigating a case of stolen identity. He quickly learns the fiery redhead claiming to be Darci-Rae Whitlam is the real deal (his shoulder trapped in the jaws of her gargantuan dog might have sped that decision along). He really should go back to Sydney, continue tracking the imposter who’s operating a phone-sex business in Darci’s name…but the woman proves too tempting. Job be damned, he has to have her. The fact she’s got a titillating challenge to complete only helps his case.

Darci just may be the fastest cougar to snag her cub yet. Being the victim of a crime has never been more fun!


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.25