Mate Seekers, Book One

Trista is finally free. She’s divorced her loser of a husband, her two children are grown, and she’s now free to discover who she is and live her life as she pleases. She married her husband because she was pregnant, but the real reason her marriage failed is because she could never forget the man of her dreams. Blond hair, turquoise eyes and a body to die for. No man could compare. But as she’s walking in the woods she sees her dream man in the flesh, and as she’s struck with pain and faints, he reaches out. To claim her.

Rurik has come to Earth for the last time to finally claim his mate. But his enemies are there as well and before he can intervene they shoot her. He whisks her back to his spaceship and the marvels of his race restore her. Completely. Back to her body when she was in her thirties, not fifty as she really is. Rurik is determined to have a life with Trista as they should have had all along, and he’ll die to keep her. Too bad she thinks she’s stuck in her dream world and that he is still a figment of her imagination.

When I read that this woman’s body was restored to her pre-child state, I was hooked. What a fantasy, never mind the romance! But this book was so fabulous I couldn’t put it down. With several storylines intertwining, it was riveting. Rurik and Trista’s relationship is complex and full of twists and turns. Add in the politics and intrigue of Rurik’s position on his world, and Trista’s conviction she’s dreaming, and the fun never stops. It’s impossible to go into detail without ruining the story, but this book will be on my keeper shelf, and I anxiously await the stories of other characters in the book that are sure to come. A real winner.

Book Blurb for Claimed

Trista is living every middle-aged woman’s fantasy—she wakes to find her body is pre-kids, pre-stretch marks and pre-gravity. Oh yeah! What’s more, the lover sharing her fantasy—blond hair, piercing turquoise eyes and a sculpted body to drool over—makes her feel like the sexy teen she was back when he first visited her dreams. Except this is no fantasy, and Rurik the Conqueror is no dream lover. He’s real, he’s not from Earth, and this time he’s come to claim her.
Rurik had known Trista of Earth was his by the Svendian way—her scent. A war and fears for her safety were all that kept him from staking his claim years ago, but no longer. He needs her like he needs his next breath. But unknown forces intrude on his plans and Rurik finds she’s in greater danger than ever. This time he’s not giving up, and he’ll die to protect the woman who completes his soul in a way he never imagined.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 5.00