Bridal Pact

Poppy goes off the rails when she applies to be a bride for an alien race that has offered technology in exchange for compatible genetic brides. She doesn't know what to expect and is surprised at her match since they seem ill-suited. But the chemistry is there, when her groom can take five minutes to notice her presence, that is.

This was a loooong read with lots of daily minutiae that kind of got a little boring. I liked the premise of the book, it just took a long time to get to the point sometimes.

Poppy was a vivacious woman paired with a dry political male. As the story progresses, we find why that is and the problems it generates, but by then it is too late and Poppy and her perspective mate Wheaton are attached. There are big chunks of the book where Wheaton doesn't even factor in; Poppy is the focus as she adjusts to life on a spaceship. Wheaton just seemed to show up at moments that could be easily misinterpreted and then there was fallout from the jealous confrontation. I got frustrated with that scenario.

I enjoyed the book as a whole, and thought the author did an exceptional job with world building for the reader. There were some really sad moments as well as funny ones and a shocker or two thrown in. An entertaining read.

Book Blurb for Bridal Pact

Poppy is bored to tears with her dead-end job and dull life, so when a species of alien warlords arrives on Earth, seeking women to help repopulate their race, why wouldn’t she sign up? She doesn’t care who she’s matched with—until she meets him. Sexy, long-haired and leather-pants-wearing Wheaton.

Diplomat Wheaton expected a cultured Earthling to help in his mission, not some crazy-haired woman named after a flower and whose speech baffles his translator. Pardon my French? Knock it off? But Wheaton is soon smitten and eager to turn Poppy’s good-morning kisses into an all-day affair. Doing the nasty? Bring it on!

But Poppy must do battle with the slimy councilor Demascus, and an extremist group opposed to the Pact. And that’s before a glitch in the Bridal Pact program makes all existing matches invalid, and glossy Hannah, the perfect politician’s wife, arrives on board. Her match: Wheaton.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

An adult science fiction romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 3.50