Branded by Anger

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Branded by Anger

Preston Evans is alone. And lonely. He can’t seem to get over his wife, Carly. He loves her still, but can’t get past his feeling of betrayal. He’s going to have to make a decision though. Carly is being courted, and she’s showing interest. Preston now has to make some difficult decisions. 
Carly was happy with Preston until he told her to get out and never come back. She did just that. Then the town whore comes to Carly’s home and lays out some truths. She’s considering Preston again. They are still legally wed. But then Robert Barkley shows up at her homestead, and he has a definite plan to woo Ms. Carly. 
Looking for a sweet romantic story? This isn’t it. This is gritty and emotional, with lots of angst and soul searching. Two people who love one another, but can’t get past what happened before. Betrayal, real and imagined, plays a big part in what goes on between Preston and Carly. Some decisions have lifelong repercussions, and they both have to learn that what is said can be apologized for, but will never be forgotten. A different kind of story that I enjoyed. 

Book Blurb for Branded by Anger

Preston Evans is a man facing hard time with forgiveness. The trouble is, he craves Carly in ways a man shouldn't have to want a woman and he needs her in a manner some deem unlawful. Preston’s pride is killing him, but the problem is, he isn't going to do anything about it. He can't. He just cannot get past the fact that the woman he vowed to love and protect destroyed everything in a blink of an eye with distorted truths he doesn't understand. Soon, another man forces his hand and because Carly is interested in Robert Barkley, Preston may have some difficult decisions to make.

Carly has moved on with her life. Preston told her to get out and never come back so she did. But when the town whore pays her a visit, things change. Carly entertains the idea of Preston again, but when the weather takes a turn for the worse, it isn't Preston who saves her. It's a young man with a focused agenda.

Robert Barkley is a young cowboy weathering the worst of winters in order to save a woman. When he takes Carly to the town saloon, the pain she revisits brings her back to the reality she now faces. She cannot change the past, but her future isn't going to be determined by a man she loved and lost or the one waiting nearby to save her.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 3.50