Aurora Skies

Aurora #2

Mallory Blain is over the moon at the opportunity she’s been given. She’s to travel to another planet to study the similarities in environment to Earth. She’s been allowed this privilege due to her friendship with Aurora’s Star Prince Consort, Tasmin. She and Tasmin were roommates in college. Talk about networking paying off! What she doesn’t anticipate is the snotty hunk assigned to accompany her. He doesn’t like her from the word go and it only goes downhill from there. This is so not going to work.

DeBaron is a warrior priest and the prince’s cousin. Those qualifications along with his expertise in geology earned him the title of royal babysitter. Convinced the woman is a clueless seeker of fame and fortune he treats her badly and is shocked to discover she is actually all he could ever want in a colleague and a woman. When deep in the desert he discovers she has suffered a bite from a native species that induces passion he does what is needed to save her life. But gets way more than he bargained for in the process. And when he truly grasps what has transpired between them his faith is enriched beyond measure. Can he get her to accept the gift they’ve been given?

While I enjoyed this story a lot (the spiritual sex sounds awesome) it didn’t match the first in the series. DeBaron was just a little too much of a douche in my opinion. His magical transformation to ardent suitor just didn’t gel for me. I know many speculate hate is the same as love but these two really didn’t like each other, so while they were attracted I had a hard time transitioning as quickly as they did. And the speed and finality of their connection was daunting to say the least. Mallory certainly thought so, as she wasn’t raised in the mysticism of it as DeBaron was. I definitely recommend you read if you’ve read the first book and it was enjoyable in it’s own right. Aurora sounds like an amazingly magical place.

Book Blurb for Aurora Skies

For Earth geologist Mallory Blain, permission to explore Aurora's alien geology represents the opportunity of a lifetime. Tasmin, Mallory's college roommate, is now consort to Aurora's Star Prince, who grants Mallory the unheard of chance to explore Aurora's rocks and minerals. There's only one problem: Mallory's escort, the sexy duke DeBaron, a warrior priest and the prince's cousin. The man hates humans and resents her intrusion into his world's sacred mysteries. Worse yet, she'll be at his mercy in an alien wilderness for seven days.

Every rock on DeBaron's world is the womb of mother Aurora. Earth's analytical scientists have no concept of how mystical life is, or how to study his world with appropriate reverence. However, disobeying the Star Prince is not an option. DeBaron must keep the Earth woman from disrespecting his world while protecting her for an entire week in the wilderness.

When an alien rock-creature bites her hand, Mallory learns how real the mystical forces on Aurora are, and how much her body craves her protector. DeBaron knows there's only one way to save the foolish Earthling from the creature's bite -- sex, and lots of it. Together they will discover the secret of Aurora's mysteries may be a chemistry of their own.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50