Double Dose

Research & Desire, #4

Kidnapped and after the initial shock, not too upset about it. Daphne isn't a screaming hysterical hostage and feels right at home with her captor and his silent sidekick Benjy. In fact, that is why she was kidnapped; to help Benjy talk again. But as things bump along there is not a lot of talking going on but plenty of other things.

Okay, this book was much closer to the release of the previous book which I immensely appreciated. I also enjoyed the Scooby Doo references (showing my age here) and the fact that Ari (the kidnapper) hauled Daphne (the kidnapped) wherever he wanted her. It sized up Ari's personality in a nutshell. Things not going his way? Make them!

I was a bit surprised about the ménage aspect of this book and really expected five books in the series. Not complaining. I did have a hard time connecting with Benjy as a character though because he didn't talk, and the author didn't provide any real internal dialogue to clue the reader in to what was going on in Benjy's head. So in the sex scenes, he was delegated to kind of a living sex toy for me and not part of the relationship developing between Ari and Daphne. Daphne, on the other hand, was falling in love with both men and that disconnect for me was mended as the story progressed. I liked the tied-with-a-bow ending concerning the bad guys and especially the epic battle waged by the love interests of the five enhanced men. Good conclusion to an entertaining series.

Re-Issued Review. Originally reviewed under the title "Aristotle's Anatomy" on January 26th, 2015.

Book Blurb for Double Dose

A double dose of happily-ever-after… 

Speech therapist Daphne's neat, orderly life takes a turn for the dramatic when she's kidnapped and spirited away to a hideout deep in the Colorado mountains. Her captors? Gorgeous men—all escaped from a secret laboratory designed to build perfect supersoldiers. 

Trauma associated with his engineering left Benjy mute, and Ari thinks Daphne's just the girl to help him recover. Held against her will, Daphne will be damned before she helps any of them—regardless of how electrifying she finds their touches. 

But as Daphne's hunger for Benjy and Ari grows, so does her empathy for the other soldiers hiding out at the lodge. With danger from her own past threatening to resurface and an overeager FBI agent sniffing around, she needs to free herself, her men and the others. 

This book is approximately 65,000 words

Previously published under the title Aristotle's Anatomy

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.00