All I Want for Christmas is You

Carson Cousins Book I

Still embraced by her former fiancé’s family, Robin is ready to move on. But she wants to move on in a way no one would expect. She wants a baby, preferably with her former fiancé’s DNA. The most obvious source would be David, her fiancé’s older brother. He’s been her rock, her best friend, since Zach died. But will he turn from her in disgust when she presents him with her request?

David wanted Robin for his own from the first moment he met her. But she belonged to Zach and as a result he didn’t pursue her. After Zach died, he was there for her in all ways, hoping she would turn to him as a man. When she presents her desires, he immediately goes up in flames. It’s a step forward for their relationship but he fears it is just her holding on to Zach’s memory. He can’t not give her what she wants, but will she him as a man and not just a means to an end?

This was a well thought out story and I thought it would be straightforward. I was wrong. While Robin was happy with Zach, their sex lives were frustratingly vanilla. Robin craved more and when she approached David she got more than she anticipated. While she and David "work" hard to achieve her goal, they also explore many facets of non-traditional sex. As Robin falls under David’s spell of risqué sex and true caring, David falls even deeper in love with the one woman he always wanted. While trying to keep their relationship a secret to avoid conflict with the family, both wishes their relationship were real. But a secret like this is just begging to be let out, and since it’s Christmas wishes can come true.

New Publisher - Reissued Review. Originally reviewed on 1/15/10.

Book Blurb for All I Want for Christmas is You

Two years after losing her fiancé Zach in a car accident, Robin is moving on. She's set her priorities, and one of them is following through with a life plan she and Zach made together...having a baby. It would be best if said child shared some of Zach's genes.

Enter David, Zach's older brother. He's Robin's best friend, her confidant, the one person who won't think she's crazy to do this...she hopes. Since there's no chance the ladies' man will fall for her, she hopes sex with him will stop the dreams where David takes Zach's place.

It's the invitation he's been waiting for, three years of watching Robin with his little brother, then watching her grieve Zach. If only she wanted David for himself and not a convenient sperm donor to conceive his brother's child. Then again, in such close quarters, maybe he'll be able to convince her to something more permanent...if his parents don't catch wind of the whole thing first.

Originally published with Loose-Id.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.50