All Alone in the Night

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All Alone in the Night

The two men she loved have been lost to her for two years. Sucked into a wormhole never to be seen again. Riana has been lobbying for a search and rescue mission ever since. Now that she has finally been given permission, she’s determined to bring Braden and Davin home. To her.

Marooned for two years on an alien planet, Braden and Davin have given up being rescued. Lovers and friends, they have one another but are missing Riana, the woman they were never allowed to have. When fate drops her onto the same planet they are marooned on, all bets are off. No society to worry about, any politically correct strictures to comply with. Just what they want, and nothing to stand in their way. Including Riana.

Guilty Pleasure Alert! Wow, hang onto your panties with this quick read. Taboos broken left and right so fast the reader can hardly keep up. Davin especially was an Alpha let off his leash, and he had my girl parts all in a tizzy. If you are looking for a scorching escape from reality, you can’t go wrong with this little gem.

Book Blurb for All Alone in the Night

Riana had almost given up hope of ever finding her lost comrades, and friends, when the Earth-Space Initiative finally decided to send her on a fact finding mission, almost two years after Braden and Davin had gone missing. They figured it was finally safe.
They figured wrong.
Now Riana is stuck on a strange planet, lucky to be alive after being sucked into a wormhole. And she wasn’t the only one stranded there; she had found the missing pilots. With no way home, and only themselves to answer to, they had plans for her; plans several years in the making.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.50