Something Shifty

Remember how you felt the last time occurrences just don't seem quite right. It is difficult to place a finger on what it is but there is a vibration that has a fragrance of enticement.

Something Shifty is an artfully created love story that whittles its way into a reader's heart and soul. This seductive narrative of self-discovery, love, tenderness and patience gives great meaning to the quote “Good things happen to those who can wait”. That quote bounced around in my mind as I read and savored the juiciness of this meaty story. Sensational energy is depicted so cleverly by Erin M. Leaf in this well-coordinated, realistic narrative of shape-shifters of the respected pack.

There isn't anything lovers will do to please and bring joy to a partner. The sweet whispers can often be missed because of the noisy chatter that plays constantly in the background of one's consciousness. The chattering, clinging sound harbors self-doubt, secrets and distrust of the true instincts that only the heart and soul comprehend.

Something Shifty is about the strength of love and sometimes that requires a bit of interceding influence from an outside source to shine lights on a situation that appears full of contradictions. The sizzle between the main characters is pleasing and the eroticism is more than a little titillating. Something Shifty warms all aspects of the human senses. I valued the message Ms. Leaf conveyed. “Judgments are roadblocks to the center of what makes a beautiful life”.

Seth Dustin is a professor at the university. He is handsome, sexy, strong, and full of every aromatic essence of manliness.

Dex is a famous musical genius who brings all women weakly to their knees, mouth unhinged. He is tall, easy on the eyes with an outstanding ripped physique, yum, sex appeal that encourages one to want to be a freak.

Delia Connor, Dex's sister, is an artistically perfectionist from her chestnut brown head of hair down to her toes, but more importantly this manifests when it relates to the music industry. Her skills and type “A” personality are a perfect match for her brother Dex's recording career.

This is a well formulated story of action, erotica, paranormal shape shifters, real life dilemmas and the resolution that leaves the audience enchanted.

Ms. Leaf does an outstanding job of providing the characters and the audience with what they hunger for: great dialogue and action. The Alpha male struggle, in an effort to secure dominance, added that extra saucy, sparkles and flame to the kindling of sensuality. I felt sated after reading Something Shifty. I enjoyed the injection of humor and clandestine energy Ms. Leaf added to the storyline. I found the development of the tender relations believable and I felt as though I was present in the background of Something Shifty and a proud member of the clan.

Ms. Leaf's secondary characters are a robust support system and framework for the actions and reactions. One would be lucky to have a dedicated group of friends such as those in Dex's pack…Jack, Mark, Jill, Dr. Laura, Carole, Sanjay and others.

Under the spell of love Seth fell hook line and sinker for all that Dex had to offer.

When things become open and unlimited love crystallizes and the multi-dimensional aspects made me want to cheer during this fast paced read. The smooth writing style made Something Shifty irresistible and I wrapped myself up in the carnal passions of the love and understanding of an accepting association of a loyal clan.

Love it 4.5 stars

Caution M/M sexual activity

Book Blurb for Something Shifty

Professor Seth Dustin thinks he’s alone in the world, but when he meets another shifter, he’s forced to reevaluate his whole life. Dex Connor is gorgeous, talented, and male—everything Seth had no idea he wanted.

However, when Seth discovers Dex is keeping dangerous secrets from him, he must decide if he can forgive the man who has become his closest friend, the man who stole his heart. Seth never expected to find himself in the midst of a territorial fight with a rival clan. He doesn’t know how to deal with the jealous hostility of a woman who wants Dex for herself. Love is unexpectedly complicated, but is being alone better?

Rocker, shifter, mate: Dex is all of these, and more. Professor, shifter, loner: Seth wants more. When two shifters meet, instinct takes over.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.50