Licorice Whips

Licorice Whips by Bridget Midway is an entertaining sweet read with an interesting tug-of war theme that has been a delicious lick throughout the book.

Ms. Midway captured my attention with her writing style and realism since I live a couple of hundred miles away from Virginia Beach area. The dialogue between main characters Sweets Hawks and Nikla Dearwood has humor.

The adult content of Licorice Whips is ever present and should not be read by anyone under 18.

Book Blurb for Licorice Whips

"Sweet" Hawkes is a BDSM dominant who has lost his smile. Although he loves the candy store called Decadent Treats that he co-owns with his brother, Masaun, he's lost the passion he had for making treats for his customers.

After releasing his last submissive, Sweet decides to dive in head first into business and forget about love and disciplining. He wants to open up a second Decadent Treats and a store that would sell quality BDSM toys and apparel. Sweet never expects to find an obstacle outside his door.

Nikla Dearwood has made it her mission to picket outside of the Decadent Treats store to warn customers about eating too much sugar. Although as a Pilates and yoga instructor, it would seem as though her protests have to do with leading a healthy lifestyle, Nikla has other motives. Besides this protest, she wants to open up her own exercise studio in downtown Virginia Beach.

Nikla isn't scared away from her picketing mission when a tall and sexy man from Decadent Treats tries to get her to stop. When she finds that same guy checking out an open storefront in downtown Virginia Beach that she also wants, she's now interested in him.

The two check out each other’s businesses. Sweet subjects himself to a yoga class. When Nikla goes to Sweet's candy store, she finds that the man has a different way of tempting her with candy.

When things get out of hand in the store, the two make a deal with each other: they'll agree to play and have sex until a decision on the suites is made. After that, they agree to go their separate ways.

When Nikla starts to have feelings for Sweet, can she give up the fight for this man? Can Sweet open his heart enough to let the right woman in?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 3.50