Be Were

Southern Shifters

Rare and sensuous Niki Harris and Dean make beautiful music during the light tinkling Christmas season. A white cougar and a pure breed cougar connect with the mistletoe dangling. The holiday season brings about much love and excitement.

Dean and Niki are captured in the lust and passion of love and powerful sex. The gentle and low growl was part of this splendid chance meeting that ending in finding a mate. Is this a forever bliss that dreams are made of during the sweetest of all holiday seasons?

Eliza Gayle is a talented and powerful writer who can capture her prey (readers) with the smooth clicking of her keyboard. I am a fan of Ms. Gayle lyrical prose and the fine manner in which she blends sexy shape-shifter characters with wild and bold personalities. These are characters most readers can identify with on many levels...emotionally, physically and mentally. I enjoy the play on words and the playfulness she builds into her storyline and characters.

Ms. Gayle's ability to bring out the searing heat from her pages into the bodies of her readers is phenomenal. I love her talents.

Be Were starts out with a blazing and titillating encounter between Niki and Dean. Will this simply be a holiday romp where Niki ends up unhappy, yet in love with a man who is capable of being her everything?

Can a little bump and grind with a sexy strange end up in a lifelong commitment?

Niki is a white cougar which is a result of the blending of various DNA and she is shunned by others. These social ills exist in the shape-shifter community as well as the human community. She is an independent kick-ass woman who has a killer instinct and enjoys getting her prey and destroying it.

Will Niki realize that Dean is her true mate?

As usual Ms. Gayle brings it hot and heavy and as a reader of her titillating narrative I always have a cold and tall glass of water nearby to relieve the pressure from the carnal desires expressed in her books.

Want a sizzle? Read Be Were!

Book Blurb for Be Were

From NY Times Bestselling Author Eliza Gayle comes another hot southern shifter!

Dean had a family once. Until tragedy and betrayal consumed them. Now he lives on his own terms keeping life simple and carefree. Then one night leads to one bite and he's forced back into a dangerous world that reminds him he's still as angry as ever and this time he's not leaving until he gets what he wants. Niki.

Niki Harris has lived a life of secrets and solitude with no interest in making a change. But an easy one night stand turns complicated and she finds herself marked. Now she has to decide, tell the sexy shifter with a possessive streak a mile wide she's pregnant and in danger or do what she's always done--run.

Be Were is the full story from the free first chapter bonus, White Cougar Christmas.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50