The Last Princess

Pack Seduction, #3

Stacey Espino's The Last Princess is the third book in the Pack Seduction series. This book features the last matrimonial hold out, Princess Delia. She and her sisters fled when their mother insisted upon using Pack law to choose the princess' mates. They wanted to mate for love, when love wasn't a consideration at all. Delia hasn't seen her sisters in years. She finds out that they have settled with mates of their own choosing and decides that it is time to take down the current regime. Enter Caleb, a fox shifter, who has image issues. He is the lowest of the low and is beta. He is also Delia's first choice in mate. When she breaks into the castle, she is caught by her betrothed and her longtime friend, Ulric. They mate instantaneously (ok not really, but it is a short novella) and then Delia goes to see her mother.

This is a short book, so there was a lot of backstory quickly thrown in and a very, very fast happily ever after tossed in. I wish there would have been a bit more angst after all the buildup, but it was a pleasant read.

Book Blurb for The Last Princess

Delia is the last princess. Since her sisters have chosen mates, it's up to her to continue to wage war against the royal family. She recruits the help of Caleb, a fox shifter, to help her get back to the home she escaped from long ago.

A childhood friend is now guarding the palace, and the male she's betrothed to is determined to have her. She's in for the fight of her life if she's to remain unmated and change the old customs passed down to every generation. Will Delia become a martyr for her cause, or give in to the love of three determined shifters?

Be Warned: menage a quatre romance, menage sex, anal sex.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.25