Necessary Roughness

A "Battle of the Sexes" Story!

This latest offering from G.G. Royale introduces us to Denise Claremont Hynes and Levi "So Fly" Ballom. Denise has always wanted to own her own football team. While other little girls daydream about being fairy princesses, she dreams about defensive lines and Superbowl rings. Levi "So Fly" Ballom is a football player without a team. He has a reputation for playing fast and loose off the field. As such, his agent (very Jerry Maquire-esque in that Tucker has one player to focus on and he does so- with zeal) has made him promise to lay off the booze and women for one solid year. Sparks fly between Denise and Levi, of course. Levi, a Dom, recognizes the submissive in Denise and both give 'working out' new meaning. The sex scenes are trademark Royale and hot. Both Levi and Denise decide that they should not be together due to their careers and fears of disappointing others. "Necessary Roughness" is a great sports-themed story that is not saturated in sports slang, but still has a realistic feel to the writing.

Book Blurb for Necessary Roughness

Denise has wanted her own professional football team since she was six years old. Now, she’s finally got it, but it comes with one problem: recovering alcoholic and notorious lecher Levi “So Fly” Ballom. As a record-setting tight end, his numbers on the field are fantastic, but it’s what’s going on off the field that has Denise worried. She can’t seem to get the Nordic god out of her mind, and her desire could put the future of her brand new franchise at risk.

Levi promised his agent no women for the first year of his recovery, and he was really trying to keep that promise until in swayed his new team’s manager, Denise. All he can think about is tying her up and taking her hard, and he can’t keep his mind on the game. He only sees one way out of this predicament -- do what his fantasies tell him -- but the promise he made to his agent stands in the way.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM theme and elements. 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.75