Managing Macy

Book 1 in the Tall, Dark and Dominant series.

Reese Gabriel's Managing Macy is a quick foray into a new couple's relationship with BDSM. Neighbors Jarit and Macy both have the requisite "hands off the neighbor" rule, but alas, neither really follow it when they suddenly find themselves enmeshed in a relationship. Jarit is a sexual dominant and wants to coax Macy into the lifestyle. Unfortunately, he pushes too hard, too fast and Macy flees. Suddenly the two hammer out a relationship. There were a few issues that I had with the storyline. Macy has fantasies of Jarit owning her and mastering why the huge drama when he wants to give her exactly what she wants? Add to that, her friend Nel intimated that there was a backstory between Macy and some guy named Roger and nothing is fleshed out. That led to a "huh?" moment. Overall, Managing Macy is a decent read.

Book Blurb for Managing Macy

Macy wants sexy Jarit Colson in the worst way. Too bad she has a dating code forbidding across-the-hall hook-ups. But her dating rules are shot after one look at his lean, sexy, athletic body.

Jarit is cautious for a different reason. He’s a sexual Dominant and he’s not sure the sweet, submissive vibes Macy is giving off are the real thing. Jarit decides to test the waters. Kisses quickly turn to talk of ropes and cuffs and spanking. Macy is intrigued and they try a little bondage. She is easily seduced but scared by how much she likes it. She ends up with buyer’s remorse and begs off.

Jarit isn’t satisfied with just a taste. He knows exactly what he wants—a whole lot more of Macy. 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 3.75