Love Slave to the Sicilian Billionaire

Guilty Pleasures, #4

Millionaire Max blames wild, impetuous Ella for his friend's death. With the passing of her husband, Ella is even more out of control...which is why Max steps in and takes control of Ella. He is a Dom looking for a submissive partner and her actions show that she is in desperate need for guidance. I really like Jan Bowles' work; I liked the depiction of Ella spiraling out of control and of course the angsty goodness that comes from a man and woman with misunderstandings between them. Overall, a solid read from Bowles.

Book Blurb for Love Slave to the Sicilian Billionaire

When her husband dies suddenly, twenty-nine-year-old Ella Williams turns to the only man who can help-Maximiliano D'Alesandro. Unfortunately, Max thinks she is responsible for his best friend's death. Without his help and guidance, her life spirals out of control.The thirty-four-year-old Sicilian billionaire and alpha male Dom needs just one thing to make his life complete-a submissive woman who enjoys the BDSM lifestyle as much as he does. When Max discovers Ella's wild and reckless ways, he literally takes charge of her life, both in and out of the bedroom! However, as their D/s relationship blossoms, some important information comes to light that shocks Ella to her very core. Will Max save Ella from self-destruction? Or will the truth finally drive them apart?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.75