Deadly Captive

Deadly Captive, #1

Deadly Captive was a dark and disturbing romance. Joe and Lydia are pets for a coven of vampires. So long as they entertain well, they are allowed to live. Should they cease being amusing, they are put to sleep. Lydia can't remember anything from her life outside of her cage. Joe remembers but he isn't who he says he is.

There is a great deal of darkness in this book. Hello? The title says it all. When Lydia and Joe obtain their 'freedom' (after a great deal of personal pain), they choose to seek revenge against the vampires who have tormented them.

It was hard to like this book. That's not to say that the writing was poor- it was exactly the opposite. It's incredibly well written, but I felt like Lydia and Joe suffered so much. It's a great book, really! The book is more Urban Fantasy with a lot of smexing going around.

Book Blurb for Deadly Captive

Lydia awakes, bound and blind, to the whispered urgings of a man who has his hands on her. His words confuse her at first, but she soon understands they are both in the middle of a performance that will determine whether she remains in captivity or dies. The crowd must be entertained, and her cellmate makes sure it is.

Forced submission is not the only horror Lydia endures. She has no memories of life before her imprisonment, and Joe, her cellmate, is her only comfort as the powerful creatures that hold them captive torture and debase her. Together, she and Joe cling to the will to survive long enough to break free and seek revenge. Their desire to sustain one another triumphs over their wardens' efforts to destroy them. There is no pain, no suffering, that can tear them apart.

Beyond their cell, their love is tested. Can they hold strong in the face of the challenge of the new powers they have gained along with their freedom?

Originally published with Noble Romance Publishing.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.50