Best Reception

Book 3 in the Necessary Roughness series.

Ann Jacobs' Best Reception, book three in the Necessary Roughness series, is an emotional story about Sid Conyers and Talia Quinn. Talia is a sub who was grossly abused by her previous Dom. She is emotionally fragile and has been physically abused. She arrived on Sid's doorstep, seeking help. He gladly took her in and a relationship slowly evolved between the two. Through Sid's initial patience, Talia begins to reconnect with her inner strength and self. Talia lived as a 24/7 slave and has been conditioned thoroughly to be less than her master. Considering her original master, that was incredibly difficult for her to become. Sid originally eases Talia through many emotional pitfalls but ultimately seems to lose patience with Talia's incessant need to refer to him as Master rather than Sid. She also has debilitating fears that Sid helps her overcome. Best Reception is an evenly paced story that shows the dark-side of D/s relationships while still showing what an idealized relationship could be. I enjoyed reading Talia grow into her own and the patience that Sid exhibited for her to achieve that growth.

Book Blurb for Best Reception

Wide receiver Sid Conyers is hot, dominant, an expert in rope bondage and almost any woman’s dream. He’s played in BDSM dungeons for years, with many women, but none he ever truly cared for. Now he finally has the woman he’s coveted…by default. He wants to be her lover as well as her Master.

Talia survived physical and emotional abuse from her former Master that has left her emotionally scarred and insecure. A true submissive, she yearns for Sid to master her despite her fear that she can’t win his heart…doesn’t deserve his love.

Sid is determined to mend Talia’s battered psyche. He will bind her with rope, but he’ll convince her with tenderness that she deserves all the love he has to give.

Reader Advisory: When Sid and Talia visit Rebels’ Roost BDSM club to play out their erotic rope fantasy, they stumble across a hot ménage scene—and two sexy men who are totally wrapped up in each other. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.75