A Pair for Serena

Gargoyles of Cuchulian # 5

Charlie Richards' "A Pair for Serena" is a short novella featuring gargoyles Serena and Clinton and lion shifter Dixon. Serena and Clinton are both thrilled to find each other and wonder who Serena's other mate is to be. As a female gargoyle, Serena is destined to have two mates in order to ensure procreation. When Dixon discovers that Serena is his mate, when Serena and Clinton are out for lunch together, he is less than pleased at the idea of sharing his mate. In fact, he down right refuses to share her and blows her off. When he comes into heat, he is compelled to seek Serena out, as no other woman would do.

I thought that this story could have been longer. This is the fifth book in the Cuchulian series, so it is recommended that you read the previous four books in the series (I did not, and I will admit that being thrust into the story was disconcerting, so I found the other four books). There is a great deal of family angst that is seemingly glossed over in Dixon's lion pride. I would have liked to have seen more groveling (don't we all?) and more growth from all the characters. But as a short novella, the sequence is fast and you need to be prepared for a quick ride.

Book Blurb for A Pair for Serena

Gargoyle's Mate-Claim: Gargoyle females get two mates, so what happens if one doesn't want to share?

After over a century of waiting, Serena couldn't be more thrilled to discover her first mate, except he's Huzza of the just coming out of hiding McDarmund tribe. Knowing her duty, she leaves her home, her brother, and her friends to join Clinton's tribe. Clinton quickly comes to care for his spunky mate, and even though he knows she has a second mate out there, he hopes he has some time to come to know Serena better before she finds him.

Time runs out when, on their third date, Serena attracts the attention of the sexy lion shifter, Dixon Hayes. First Dixon challenges Clinton, but when he realizes Serena is a gargoyle, has two mates, and he'll be expected to share her, Dixon rejects her. Can Dixon learn to accept Serena and her bond with Clinton? Or will she lose her second mate before she even knows him?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.00