The Camera Never Lies

Kevin is a famous nature photographer who also owns his own studio. He has wealth, fame, success and a beautiful girlfriend but he's not happy or fulfilled. Kevin decides he needs to take a break from his life and heads to the remote cabin he spent his summers at. While there he meets Teak, a local lineman. The two men strike up a friendship but Kevin immediately recognizes that he's sexually attracted to Teak. Teak is up front with his bisexuality but Kevin struggles with what exactly he is. He's always thought he was straight but now he's not so sure. As Kevin struggles through his sexuality and a number of other issues, he and Teak begin a relationship. The rest of the story follows them falling in love and Kevin trying to make sense of this new aspect of his life.

This was my first time reading this author and I enjoyed this book. The plot was good and was well written. These two guys were smoking hot together. Some of the scenes....whew! My only complaint was the ending. It was very abrupt and left things kind of hanging. The guys were happy at the end so I wasn't upset but I felt like the story wasn't actually over. I probably would have given the book a higher rating had the ending been smoother or if the author had included an epilogue. Overall though I really enjoyed the book and will try this author's work again.

*It should be noted that Kevin cheats on his girlfriend at the beginning of the book so be aware for those of you who consider cheating a deal breaker.

Book Blurb for The Camera Never Lies

Having sex with his girlfriend has begun to feel like a job to nature photographer Kevin Marks. A year of sexual ennui prompts him to head for the solitude of his Minnesota cabin, in search of his lost passion—which he finds in the form of Teak Hidalgo. Kevin can’t resist the gorgeous Texan. Their fateful meeting takes Kevin’s life in a new direction, professionally and personally.

Before long, Teak resuscitates Kevin’s flat-lined libido, becoming the perfect tour guide to a sexual territory Kevin has only fantasized about. Teak provides the safety Kevin needs to finally be who he truly is, and the men embark on a romance better than anything Kevin ever imagined. But their sexy seclusion can’t last forever. All too soon, reality, obligation and envy threaten to sever the couple’s fledgling connection.

A Romantica® gay erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.00