Second Helpings

Stuart lost his partner one year ago in a car accident. Since that time he has been awash with grief. He's does little other than work and still misses Mark daily. His widowed father runs into a friend from many years ago and begins to date her. As Stuart wonders whether he could ever rebuild a life without Mark, he gets a call from Paul, his dad's girlfriend's son.

Paul is recently back in England from a long trip to the US. While there he was in a relationship with Ben. Ben is supposed to be making plans to come to England and start a life with Paul but he's recently been out of touch for a few weeks. Paul is at first filled with concern and then with anger. As he looks back on their relationship he realizes things were not as good as he has been remembering them. Despite his frustration with his own life, he wants his mother to be happy. This leads him to calling Stuart. He wants to make sure Stuart's dad understands a few things about his mother.

The two men don't get along well their first meeting and end the night in an argument. They end up apologizing and then seeing each other again. One thing leads to another and the two men end up on a road they didn't intend. A road that makes Stuart confront his grief and Paul confront his current relationship problems.

The story was well written but I just couldn't get into it because I didn't like Paul. I thought he was rude and belligerent and I didn't understand his anger and/or issues at all. Stuart was a great guy and I thought he could do so much better. They resolved things and got their happily ever after but I really wasn't rooting for them.

Book Blurb for Second Helpings

Stuart Collins’s life might as well have ended a year ago when his partner died in a car crash. Even Stuart’s widowed father has found new love with an old friend, Isabel Franklin, so why can’t Stuart be bothered to try?

Then he gets a phone call from Isabel’s son, Paul, who wants to check out whether or not Mr. Collins is good enough for his mother. During dinner together, though, they end up checking out each other. Trouble is, Paul’s got a boyfriend—or maybe he doesn’t, since the boyfriend’s supposedly giving Paul the push by ignoring him. Or maybe Paul just wants to have his cake and eat it too.

Honesty with each other is the only way to move forward. But maybe honesty with themselves is what they really need.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.00