Prosperity Series, #1

This imaginative steampunk story takes place in the city of Prosperity in 1863. Prosperity is a city in the sky where sky ships dock. The main character is Piccadilly, a street waif, who hustles his way through life by stealing, scamming at cards, etc. One night he scams the wrong person and ends up on a sky ship full of eccentric characters. He then finds himself falling in love and heading off on adventures.

I had a hard time trying to decide how to rate this book. The steampunk world the author created was one of a kind. It was really well done and super cool. I loved the whole concept of it. On the other hand I couldn't connect with the main character at all. His accent and manner of speaking made it really difficult to understand anything he said. I imagine it was pretty accurate for the time period the book was set in but that didn't make it any easier for me to get through. I also just didn't connect with Piccadilly. I didn't find him interesting at all and I didn't really care what happened to him. Now the side characters were another story. They were all really well done and I was way more interested in what happened to them.

The first 60% of the book was really slow going for me and I struggled with it. Then the last 40% took off and I really liked that part. Usually I don't have such extreme likes and dislikes in the same book. In this case I just tried to average them all together to give the book the rating I did.

Book Blurb for Prosperity

A breathtaking tale of passion and adventure in the untamed skies!

Prosperity, 1863: a lawless skytown where varlets, chancers, and ne’er-do-wells risk everything to chase a fortune in the clouds, and where a Gaslight guttersnipe named Piccadilly is about to cheat the wrong man. This mistake will endanger his life . . . and his heart.

Thrill! As our hero battles dreadful kraken above Prosperity. Gasp! As the miracles of clockwork engineering allow a dead man to wreak his vengeance upon the living. Marvel! At the aerial escapades of the aethership, Shadowless.

Beware! The licentious and unchristian example set by the opium-addled navigatress, Miss Grey. Disapprove Strongly! Of the utter moral iniquity of the dastardly crime prince, Milord. Swoon! At the dashing skycaptain, Byron Kae. Swoon Again! At the tormented clergyman, Ruben Crowe.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 3.50