Double Takes

Shooting Stars Book #2

This is another really good story in the Shooting Stars series. Gio is the aging lead singer of a famous rock band. He's going through an ugly divorce and the only thing that really means something to him is his son. In addition to the messy divorce Gio has signed up for a reality show to help pay the bills.

The show’s ratings are low so the producer decides it's time for Gio to do something to grab viewer's attention and that something is for Gio to start a romance with a man. Gio is outraged that the show expects such personal things from him, but he's desperate for the money. If he loses the show he loses the attorney he needs for his custody battle.

Gio has dated guys in the past but that was back in his drug using day. Gio isn't sure if he's truly bisexual or if it was all a result of chasing a high. While trying to sell off some of his ex-wife's belongings Gio goes into the local antique shop and meets the funny and good-looking shop owner Lance. Gio is immediately attracted to Lance and questions whether the show and its demands are influencing his thoughts.

The two men begin a business relationship that quickly turns to friendship and then more. They have to figure out if they could love each other while Gio has a fake on screen relationship. They try to ditch the ever present TV cameras and Lance tries to hide from some secrets in his past.

I have to say I really loved these two characters. Both were immediately likable and they were great together. I instantly liked them both and couldn't wait for them to get together. Once they did get together they didn't disappoint. They were sweet in some scenes and hot in others. Readers get a great mix of both. While there was a lot of stuff going on in their lives that kept the book moving at a fast pace. There was surprisingly little angst. These guys were solid once they decided to be together and that really worked well for me.

If you have read book one in this series, you will be happy to see Chance and Alex. Their appearance in the book was really touching. I loved it.

If you haven't read book one you will not be confused picking this one up. This book can be read as a standalone. I definitely recommend both this book in this series.

Book Blurb for Double Takes

Sex, drugs, rock and roll … and now reality TV! As the lead singer in a nineties-era band, Giovanni Savale is used to seeing his name in the headlines, but now, as the star of a new reality TV show, his life is on display for all to see. From the custody battle for his son to a “made for TV” romance to the possibility of a future with the sexy owner of the local antique store, Giovanni’s life has just gotten complicated in ways he had never imagined. You’ll love Double Takes, the hot new romance from author K. Vale.

Ah, the life of a rock star. Everyone thinks it’s nothing but sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Not for Giovanni Savale.

For the lead singer of Three Deaf Mice, a band that reached its pinnacle in the late nineties, it’s nothing but an ugly divorce with a custody battle, money trouble, and now the nightmare exposure of starring in a reality television show. When his producer decides to cash in on an infamous interview Gio did years ago, and give the self-confessed bisexual rocker an onscreen boyfriend, things really hit the fan. Gio is certain his sexual experimentation back in his drug-abusing days meant nothing — after all he’s been married for nine years, clean and sober for nearly as long, and he has a son. And Gio is not remotely attracted to Kyrie, the funny, flamboyant actor they choose for his love interest. Of course, Lance Garrett, the mysterious and sexy owner of the local antique shop, Double Takes, is a whole different story. The guy has Gio planning out a future he never imagined. With the threat of losing all custody of his ten-year-old son, ghosts from the past returning for revenge, and the cameras rolling, can Gio keep his head above water and his heart from getting broken?

Content Notes: Hot, Anal Play, Anal Intercourse, GLBT, Music, Musicians, Contemporary

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.00