Candy G

Candy was 16 years old when he was taken in by drug lord Teirso Flores. After many years with Flores Candy decides that he can no longer live with the man and he can no longer live with himself for being a part of Flores' criminal life. Candy leaves and starts his life over and tries to make amends and give back to the community. One day he comes across Carlos who is a college student who works at the local car wash. He sees something of his younger self in Carlos and ends up asking the young man out. Unfortunately for them both, Candy's past is not far enough behind him.

I really liked the general plot of the story but the execution wasn't really my thing. The story was very, very sweet. The characters cried. A lot. (I counted 28 instances of crying.) There were a lot of emotions and confessions of undying love. I felt like the plot was predictable and I really didn't feel the connection between the two main characters. I wasn't sure why these two would fall for each other. This is one of those situations where a book is just not a good match for the reader.

Book Blurb for Candy G

It’s said you can’t go home again….

The last thing Candelario “Candy” Gonzalez wants is to go back to his roots in the barrio. At sixteen, he grabs a one-way ticket to luxury and comfort as the lover and protégé of powerful drug lord, Teirso Flores.

Flores molds beautiful Candy for his own agenda—to become his exclusive attorney, and Candy’s prowess brings the term criminal defense to a new level.

But life in the very dark, very fast lane comes to a screeching halt when a child is killed by one of Flores’s thugs during a drive-by shooting. Candy walks away from his law practice and away from Flores, determined to live honestly.

Carlos Alvarez stirs both desire and confusion in Candy, because young Carlos symbolizes everything Candy left behind. Inching from his universe of opulence and power and into Carlos’s world, Candy realizes the only happiness he ever knew was in his past. Crossing the boundary isn’t easy, though, and Candy’s newfound hope draws out the demons he thought he’d escaped.

And when Flores returns to reconstruct his empire, past and present collide and lovers and friends are forced to examine their bonds in a fight for their lives.

1st Edition published as Candy G by Dreamspinner Press, 2011.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 3.00