Take Control

Alpha Male Incorporated, #3

Raya is hearing a male voice in her head and it is seriously scaring her. However, Thorsten Irizarry is ready to start the bonding process with his mate and that is the only way he knows how. Thorsten is sure once he really pursues Raya he will easily have her, because women always fall over him. Raya thinks Thorsten is egoistical and she can barely stand to be in his presence. So how can this fated couple make things work?

Alpha Male Incorporated Take Control started off a little slow for me. When Raya and Thorsten finally meet up, it takes a while but their chemistry ignites. Nonetheless, Marie Rochelle did a wonderful job with writing this book. Raya was a feisty and strong heroine. Thorsten was likable and the growth of his character was remarkable. The romance and the paranormal elements made for another great read from Marie Rochelle.

Book Blurb for Take Control

Vampire Thorsten Irizarry ignored the countless warnings from his cousin Jax to stop dating women who weren’t destined to be his mate. Why should he do it? He was only having a little harmless fun until Raya August came to her senses. She wouldn’t care about his past relationships. He knew his charming ways would win her over without any problems.

However, he was wrong. Nothing he did captured her heart. He was at a lost how to change her first impression of him.

Raya August wasn’t interested in having Thorsten as her mate. In her mind, he was a playboy looking for another challenge to conquer but he wouldn’t find it with her. She wasn’t into playing games and she wasn’t about to start now with him.

If he wanted her heart, he would have to earn it.

Stands Alone: Yes

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.50