Pink Neon Dreams

Cecily Brown and Daniel Padilla hit it off immediately when he walks into her new store. They have a lot in common and the attraction is off the charts. The only problem is that Cecily’s ex-husband has been murdered and Daniel is the FBI agent on the investigation.

The plot was very attention-grabbing. I liked the idea of Cecily being under investigation but Daniel already liking her before he meets her. Nonetheless, the opening of the story was very hard to get involved in. It was only when Cecily and Daniel met that I felt sparks of awareness as a reader. Overall, this is a good romance and mystery.

Book Blurb for Pink Neon Dreams

Cecily Brown lands in Branson, Missouri after a rough divorce. She plans to start over and make her long-standing dream of owning a boutique called ‘Pink Neon’ come true. She needs to forget the decade she spent trapped in a hellish marriage to millionaire Willard Bradford VI—who she later discovers was murdered on the steps of his mansion.

Her first customer at Pink Neon is the dark and mysterious Daniel Padilla. Their attraction is intense and their passion undeniable. Life’s good until Padilla admits he’s an FBI agent sent to check put Cecily. She reacts with anger but as she learns she’s become the FBI’s top suspect in her ex-husband's murder, she has to trust Daniel if she can trust anyone at all.

As the investigation heats up, she ends up heading south with him to Texas. Cecily and her FBI lover try to discover who the real killer might be. But danger lurks and it’s going to get rough before they straighten things out….if they can.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.00