Once Upon a Playboy

The New Yorker Series, #4

I am a big fan of M.O. Kenyan. Her work is normally well done and leaves the reader coming back for more. I will simply say that this book is missing the usual spark that keeps me intrigued from the very first page.

The book was a little confusing and this made the characters unremarkable. After leaving me with an interesting starting point, the story jumps directly back into their history. It starts at the very beginning of the main characters meeting point. They seem nothing like their earlier characters. This was confusing. I spent most of the book wondering, pondering and then becoming exhausted from a lack of answer for the prologue.

This is not a chart-topping romance; however, having said this, Once Upon a Playboy had some good elements. I still look forward to reading M.O. Kenyan’s next book.

Book Blurb for Once Upon a Playboy

Karma’s a bitch. Life is too, and DJ found that out the hard way, but his alter-ego provides the perfect place to hide. In his playboy persona, he can escape the betrayal, the wounds, and the guilt of his past—after all, life in the fast lane leaves little time for anything other than women, drink and the high life of self-gratification. For the first time in his life, DJ is living free and loving every minute of his emotionless existence.

Then he meets Eve—sweet, perfect Eve, the most unlikely stalker imaginable. Innocence is a powerful weapon in the right hands, and love is a broadside guaranteed to bring down even the most hardened playboy. It has all the makings of a happy ending, right?

But Karma’s a bitch, with a vindictive knack of twisting to past to destroy the future. With DJ and Eve torn apart, victims of revenge and their own weaknesses, Karma wins again. Or so it seems…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 2.50