Me and Mrs. Jones

Marie Rochelle writes another fascinating love story. Renee is a 42 year old divorcee who dedicates all her time to her art gallery. It has been years since the split with Robert but she can't find the nerve or the right man to go out with on a date. While at her best friend's caf‚ she is stopped in her tracks by a devastatingly handsome young man. She is surprised that she is attracted to Travis; he is only 29 and not at all her type. Nonetheless she is intrigued. The fact that he is a painter only seals the deal for her.

Travis has also had some bad relationships in his past and is thinking Renee could reform his way of thinking. Perhaps she is just what he needs. They find themselves quickly falling in love. All is not well. Renee is finding it hard to deal with their age difference and her ex-husband Robert is back in the picture.and he is as mean as ever.

Travis is a sweetheart and Renee is earnest in her journey to new love. Marie Rochelle did a good job of weaving together Renee and Travis's life. The only drawback is that I wish it had been more mystery to who was destroying Renee's dream. It was too obvious and the characters knew within moments of the crimes committed. A wonderful romance to say the least.

Book Blurb for Me and Mrs. Jones

Renee Jones needed a new artist for her galley Divine Design and the gorgeous and very talented Travis Cole was just the man she was looking for. He would without a doubt help her business become the hottest attraction in Wicker Valley.

However, she never expected to become attracted to Travis Cole. But his rock hard body and killer smile are a hard combination for her to deny or resist.

Painter Travis Cole literally stopped in his tracks the second he spotted Renee in his favorite caf‚. All he could think about is finding out all of her secret fantasies and making them come true.

He knows Renee might try to hold back from him at first, since she stressed a `business only' relationship with him, but Travis didn't doubt for a second he had the right touch to make her change her mind about him and their future.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.00