Claiming Lady Marianne

Abused both physically and mentally, Lady Marianne sought solace in the arms of another woman – but she didn’t expect to be caught in the throes of passion. After the discovery of her indiscretion she is promptly shipped off to her grandfather’s house. There, though, she finds she is to be treated no better than a brood mare for the next six months.

Michael has loved Lady Marianne from afar his entire life. When approached by her grandfather and informed of the horrible fate ahead of her, he has no choice but to run to her side and protect her. How, though, can he protect his heart?

Claiming Lady Marianne is a perfect escape for the reader seeking a short, thrilling journey. With equal amounts of spice and love, Kauffman’s novella is entertaining and immensely satisfying. While not for the weak stomached, Michael’s love for Marianne and Marianne’s disbelief that anyone could treat her kindly create an engulfing empathy that is often not found in other books of similar lengths. Give the story an hour or two and you won’t be disappointed.

Book Blurb for Claiming Lady Marianne

After Marianne is caught en compromise with another woman, her husband, the beastly Viscount Cobham, is enraged. He remands Marianne to the care of her wicked grandfather with orders that she take a lover—a male lover. She is to get herself with child by the time he returns from his travels in six months. He will have his heir, one way or another. Marianne’s grandfather charges his stable master with the task, and Marianne is bound to her bed every third night to await the burly man.

Michael Ainsworth is no stud horse, and Baron Thurlow’s task is too ghastly to consider. But Michael longs for a glimpse of the pretty girl who used to cling to the paddock fence to watch the horses. When he finds her terrified and unwilling, his honor demands he protect her—despite the heartbreaking knowledge the viscountess can never love a lowly servant.

This novella is classified as erotic romance. It contains scenes of graphic sexual activities. (Re-Issued Title)

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.75