Sweet Heat

Although the idea of Vampira, an all female vampire coven that lives in hiding among humans in order to save themselves from arranged marriages by their Traditionalist fathers, is an original idea the story was very rushed. I loved the character Mati, creator of Vampira, and the tie in she had with the male characters family, but it wasn’t enough for me to love the book. I thought that the main female character was supposed to be less naive as an adult and I couldn’t connect with the two main male characters. Even after not really enjoying this story, I would still like to read Mati’s story, if there is one, but hopefully it will be much longer.

Book Blurb for Sweet Heat

Length: Novella
Running from an arranged marriage, Juliette Dárques hides within Vampira, a secret clique of female vampires who live among humans and have sworn off sex with males. Julie thought she was safe until scorching dreams leave her craving every hot, pulsing inch of the twin vamps newly hired at the factory she owns. Every night they set her fangs on fire, sandwiching her between their strong, naked bodies, whisking her into a world of forbidden ecstasy.

Caleb and Zander Davenport have always shared a magnificent brotherly bond, which includes the need to share their females. Lately, they’ve been hungering for Julie…and plan on seducing her out of her dreams and into their arms. 

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 2.50