The Colettes: Sola

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The Colettes: Sola

The Colettes Series - Book 1

Sola is a 299 year-old female vampire who shares a destiny with her two identical sisters. When the sisters turn 300 years-old they have a quest. On their birthday they must go look for an amulet that will give the person who wears it the ability to walk in sunlight and many powers a vampire would love to have. Each sister gets to turn one person, man or woman, into a vampire and their mate. For Sola it is a man named Gideon, a New York cop. Sola and Gideon must find the amulet and keep it safe from humans and vampires. Can they?

This is an exciting page-turner that leaves me wanting to read the other stories about the two sisters, their mates and finding out if they can get their part of the amulet.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00