Selkie Skin

Seven Wonders of the World Book 3

Marisa is walking around the Sydney Opera House when she notices a man against the slate. She goes up to the man to find out if he needs some help and he answers yes and Marisa finds out that he is bleeding from his side and left leg. He also looks like he was swimming which Marisa thinks that should be impossible around the area due to sharks and pollution in the water there. While this is going on, Marisa is feeling very attractive to the man. Marisa decides to take Dylan home to clean up after he asks her to take him to her house. Will Marisa find out Dylan secret that he has?

Very Interesting! This is a good, enjoyable read. If you don't all ready know what a selkie is, a mythological creature, this book is a good introduction. However, it has one major problem--the font on this e-book is set-up in the newspaper style, all the words are centered, so you need to magnify it a lot so you can be able to read it. So, the story is great, but the formatting on the book makes it a struggle to read.

Book Blurb for Selkie Skin

Sometimes, an attraction to a stranger can awaken a secret spark deep inside.

When Marisa stumbles on an injured man near the Sydney Opera House, she doesn't count on the instant attraction she feels towards him. She's drawn to him on a level she's never felt with any other man, but there's so much more than attraction between them. She doesn't want to believe what Dylan is telling her about himself, but she can't deny the the effect of his presence in her life. He touches her deeply...and makes her realize who she really is.

Dylan doesn't expect Marisa to believe his claims about what he really is, but it's simply a way of life for him. The disbelief never bothered him before, but this time is different. Marisa is different.

But is their connection strong enough to combat their differences?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 3.00