Romancing a Stranger

Millicent (AKA Milli) is coming home from a date drunk wondering if she will ever meet a man who will love her. As she is stumbling down her street a neighbor next door tells her a delivery man droped a box off at her house. She picks up the box and takes it inside. The box is address to Millicent Blackwood but she does not know a Millicent Blackwood. However, Milli decides to open it and finds a big amethyst on a wood pedestal. She sets it on a table and the lights go out in her house. The amethyst starts to glow and when she picks it up, she is thrown into a woman from 1889.

Milli is now at a party where people are looking at her and the she passes out. Unbeknown to her, the woman’s husband, Warden, takes her to her bedchamber. She wakes up the next morning and walks around in her pajamas which causes a major scene at the house and meets Warden. She pretends to be the woman and later decides to have sex with Warden. She shows Warden a new sex thing that he never ever expected his wife to do. So she tells him she is from the future. He does not believe her, of course, until something happens to change his thinking. Milli finds on her pillow a few days later a note saying that she has fourteen days to decide if she and Warden have true love. What will Milli’s future be?

The author has created a tale of true love with erotic tones that will stay in your mind a few days afterwards. She brings her characters and their world to life. I wish to read more of the story.

Book Blurb for Romancing a Stranger

She’s tough enough to survive anything . . . or so she thinks.

Either Milli Bishop is drunk out of her mind, or she seriously just woke up one-hundred years in the past. One minute she’s gazing at an amethyst ball; the next she's fainting in the arms of a stranger…who claims to be her husband. Can she find her way back to the future, or will the taste of a real gentleman be too irresistible to escape?

He’s bored and lonely . . . until she comes along.

Warden Blackwood is confused by the sudden change in his estranged wife and believes she’s cut a path out of her head. Once frigid and indifferent, she’s suddenly arousing him with her scandalous seduction and shocking language. Should he continue his pursuit of a mistress—or tame his wayward wife? Only time will tell . . . .

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50