Life Without Raine

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Life Without Raine

In the past, Connor and Loralee loved each other and were married. A witch tells him that he will die soon and he must get away from Loralee or she would die with him. However, the witch puts a spell on Connor that every time he is reborn he will remember his old life and he will each time try to find Loralee again.

Now, Connor has found Loralee again but this time she is called Raine. Connor tells Raine that she has inherited a castle in Scotland but it is actually the original castle that he has bought through the ages. Will everything come out ok for Connor and Raine?

This story takes place in merely fifty-seven pages. I have read similar types of stories before so I had a feeling for what was going to happen. However for those people who have not come across this type of story before it is an entertaining tale and storyline.

Book Blurb for Life Without Raine

# of pages or word count: 57 pages
Genre: Fantasy erotic romance
Heat rating: 3 Novas
Revised edition
Raine Sinclair can't believe she's inherited a castle. She's an American, after all, and has no need for an ancient pile of crumbling stone. After six months of communication with the English barrister handling the estate, she receives a mysterious note telling her she must come to England before the next full moon to claim her inheritance.
Michael Connors is NOT what she pictured as a barrister. Too handsome and sexy for her peace of mind, he could melt her underwear with just one look. Too bad the poor insane man thinks they were married in a previous life.
To receive the property and promised wealth Raine must face unexpected danger, a crazy housekeeper, a jealous rival, and above all, a man who believes he's loved her for more than eight hundred years...and says he can't bear to live another life without Raine.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 3.00