Seduced By a Wolf

Von Washington loves her fianc‚ Derrick Wilkins deeply. Even with that love, somehow she is coming to realize their relationship isn't much of one. Derrick lets his father dictate to him and Derrick in turn is dictating to Von. He is picking the food she eats, the clothes she wears, and making life choices for her that she does not agree with. As much as she loves this something she really wants?

She has another problem as well.she has been secret pen pals with Derricks Army buddy Sean Jacobson for years past her fianc‚'s knowledge. Sean has finally come to visit Derrick and Von is in a panic. She should have told Derrick the truth, but now it is simply too late. Soon she finds out what Sean is really there for; to fulfill a promise to himself. To tell her what he really feels for her after having a brush with death on his last mission. He also has some news that he's hoping she accepts. It's not every day you tell the woman you love that you're a werewolf.

This romance was easy flowing and well written. Von, while in the start has no backbone finds out how to be her own person. Sean is a good hero: protective and concerned. What I didn't like about the book is the fact that Von and Sean hooked up in Derricks home while he was there. and had no remorse for how their actions may have made him feel. Of course after reading this book you will also see that Derrick's and his father's retaliation was severe.

Book Blurb for Seduced By a Wolf

Everyone has secrets...

Von Washington has a secret. She never stopped being pen pals with her fiancé Derrick's former army buddy, Sean, and now he's come to town to visit.

Master Sergeant Sean Jacobson has secrets. He's been in love with his former army buddy's girl, Von, for years and believes she feels the same. After this last disastrous mission, he's ready to do something about it. Then there's the other thing that happened...

But some secrets are deadlier than others.

Minister Derrick Wilkins also has a secret, and his might get one of them killed.

Passion, love, betrayal... Have you been Seduced?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.75