Wet Glamour

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Wet Glamour

My first thought on Wet Glamour is - What a great book, I loved every minute of it and when is the next one coming out.

One of the main things I loved about this title is the dynamics of all the different inter species relationships and how that all works out.

This is a story that you will want to keep around to re-read again and again. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Breazile’s work.

Readers who pick this one up are going to really enjoy the ride.

Book Blurb for Wet Glamour

268 Pages

After running out on Rina, his declared mate, Lucas shows up years later with an invitation to The Council of Immortals. He needs her to represent the mermaid species on the council, for very personal reasons.

Rina never wants to see Lucas again. He chose his sister and his clan over her. She definitely has no interest in being on a council of any kind with him, and she is more than happy to shoot him down while showing off her love-free self, even if it has to be gained through magical persuasion.

When her sister is kidnapped by a psychotic wizard creating a deadly scavenger hunt, pitting all immortal species against one another, she knows her best chance of saving her is with the help of The Council of Immortals.

Can she keep her love hidden from Lucas long enough to save her sister? Or will the song of love that she has been hiding burst forth and ruin everything?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.75