Lycan It

When Janine and Raze meet, it's not the best of circumstances. For one thing, he's a lycan and she is his destined mate. When Janine goes on her vacation she's totally clueless that a rest stop could be a life altering event. She gets kidnapped and then imprisoned in a cave with a gorgeous lycan who is told that his punishment is to take advantage of the situation or watch as Janine dies. Talk about a quandary.

It takes willpower and trickery for Raze and Janine to escape and have a chance at discovering the life of a mated pair. What a wonderful book. It had romance, intrigue, and action with a little bit of spice to turn up the heat. A great romp in the wilderness to keep everyone entertained.

Book Blurb for Lycan It

28,000 - Words

When a much deserved vacation turns into a nightmare, Janine Denton wonders if she’ll make it back home alive.

Tired of the brutality they inflict upon women marked as potential mates, Raze Jackson tries to flee the lycan pack he once called family.

When Raze is instructed to use the woman the pack leader has kidnapped as punishment, he devises a plan that will allow Janine and him to get away.

While Janine is responsive to Raze’s kisses, he wonders how she will react when he tells her he is a lycan, and she is his fated mate.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.75