Legacy Series, Book 2

This is the second book of the Legacy Series and I couldn't put it down. I absolutely loved it.

Shawnee has relocated to Wyoming with her new pack and has discovered that she has an astounding gift. She can heal any injury, no matter how severe, one drawback she can't heal herself.

Shawnee and her mates have managed to shut down the Andrus, for now. However, a new problem has arisen. Breeders are disappearing and no one knows what has happened to them. It is up to Shawnee and her pack to find the missing breeders before it is too late.

Can Shawnee overcome her fears to help her pack find who is missing and will she be able to control her healing powers in enough time to be able to help once they are found?

Reader be warned, if you have not read the first book of this series you may find yourself lost. Take my advice start with the first book of this series, you won't be disappointed.

Book Blurb for Birthrite

No job, new gift, a pack of wolves, and two feral mates. How can Shawnee possibly decide her future and keep her loved ones happy? Or worse, satisfied.

When perfectly notable people begin vanishing without a trace, Shawnee can't help but wonder if the Andrus has returned to avenge their exposure. With no leads and the missing count rising, human authorities and the Sept find themselves battling an unknown force threatening their most precious and vulnerable counterparts. Can the Sept come together to recover the lost in time to save them from everlasting horror? Will Shawnee's fear prevail, or will she find the strength to face a new set of challenges? She's got time to decide. But not long.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 5.00