Renegade & His Rebel

Three Kinds of Wicked 4

Renegade LaMarr is back in town and Cassandra “Rebel” Thatcher LaMarr is far from happy to see her wayward husband. He’s been gone nearly 6 months with no word and she is not in the mood to have him back in her life. Especially since she thinks the only reason he’s back is because he heard about her finding gold.
Renegade is back to take his rightful place as Rebel’s husband, but he has a secret. One he’s not quite willing to share with his not so loving wife. Not until he finds out who arranged for him to be gone from her life, and what the rest of the plot is. He knows there is one and has a pretty good idea who is the cause of it.
Can these two get through the past and the plot against them to get a happily ever after? Well that’s what Trey is there to make sure happens. Trey has his own mission to complete and keeping Renegade and Rebel together is a big part of it. How he’s going to do that could be tricky or highly erotic, time would tell.
Renegade and His Rebel is the 4th novella in a series by various authors. All revolve around Trey and his mission on earth. While this is part of a series it’s also a well written, well developed stand alone novella. The characters are believable and honest. They have their faults and insecurities, something all of us can identify with. The plot moves along so well you’ll be at the end before you know it. You’ll also be going “Darn it, I want more.”
I really enjoyed this work and eagerly await the opportunity to read the rest of the series. While this is an excellent stand alone work, I think reading the works in order will fill in some of the missing information. Although there isn’t so much missing that you’re completely lost in the story.
Special Notes:  This is an erotic work and as such should be read and stored with care. It contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity as well as hints of same sex sexual interaction and therefore should not be read by those who have a problem with same sex relationships or who those who prefer a less graphic description.

Book Blurb for Renegade & His Rebel

Where in time is Trey?

This month, Trey, the time-striding demigod, finds himself in the American wild west. Gunfights, destroyed saloons, and outlaw justice are tame in comparison to Cassie "Rebel" Thatcher. She shoots like a man. She cusses like a man. She runs a ranch like a man. But when it comes to loving, she's all woman -- or she will be, once Trey teaches her the value of self-acceptance.

When her deserting cad of a husband Renegade LaMarr reappears in Moose Junction, Rebel's as mad as a peeled rattler and prepared to shoot the handsome coward right out of his boots.

Armed with a secret and determined to get rid of Trey, Renegade plots to finally claim Rebel, chaps, boy breeches and all. Only problem is, before he can draw his six-shooter and declare a challenge, Renegade finds himself falling under Trey’s magical spell right along with his passionate, spitfire wife.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 3.75